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If you are a minecraft player and i will assume just that since you found this awesome post, we are going to show you how to get free minecraft accounts, as everybody knows a premium minecraft account is important for any minecraft gamer, owning one can maximize your game. It is by far one of the most addictive games out there, even though there are people who love it and the ones who hate it because they say the graphics sucks, but any minecraft fan would say that that’s what makes it so awesome. Graphics is not the only reason to play this game, minecraft is known for having a unique gameplay as you can build awesome customized maps on your own. Let’s cut to the chase and focus on what really matters, the reason you are here shall we?


           How to get this Free Minecraft Account list?

That is the easiest part (not that is a difficult one) on this website getting your own Minecraft Account is bloody simple, no need to download any random premium account generator, we’ve done the dirty work for you and collected a handful of Minecraft account list ready to be used. All accounts were tested to make sure they work, needless to say that this is not a software that generates passwords, no, you will get a list in simple .txt format, you will only need to copypaste the username and password and log in, after that is up to you if you want to change the password to keep it to yourself.


               Is it safe to use this Free Minecraft Account List?

Definitely one of the safest way to get one, if you think about all the unreliable sites that you have found that were just fake, this is the easiest and safest way to get a free minecraft account, keep in mind that we also used proxys to generate these accounts so you are safe on that part too, because you get an untouched fresh account, we update this list regularly and you are only allowed to download it once, it is limited to give the chance to other visitors to get their own list as well, it is unlikely but if for any reason you could not get working accounts try the next day as we update it on a daily basis.

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