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We all love music, always have our favorite playlist on any device we own, still does not seem to be enough, though there may be a wide range of online music services out there none of them are at the level of Spotify , it is by far one of the best website a music lover can come across, millions of songs to choose from, an extensive variety of categories and genre such as hip-hop, pop rock, reggae and the list goes on, best part is that all the music is in high quality, it is easy to tell why everyone prefers Spotify over any other shitty music based site on the inter web.

Spotify is the best choice when it comes to music online in the present, around 60 millions users worldwide with around 15 millions subscribers, while you can get free access to listen music at Spotify, there is a drawback to it, that is ads! if your account has not a premium subscription you will have some local advertisement all over the place, this is not appealing to a lot of people they find it annoying and it is understandable, while you want to enjoy listening to your favorite artist but can’t be bother with ads, and sooner than later the site will ask you to sign up for a premium subscription before you continue to enjoy your favorite music, chances are that’s why you’re looking for free spotify accounts, this is the right place to get one! keep reading and follow the steps below.

Doing a quick Google search you might have come across websites claiming that they could provide you with spotify premium codes or a Spotify username and password, chances are that none of them work and failed. No need to worry at all, you can still get access to Spotify Premium Codes to activate your own premium account!


  • All accounts work, codes are gathered by the admin from different sources
  • New Accounts are checked and publish twice everyday
  • No duplicate Passwords, every user gets a unique code or premium account ( No expired accounts )
  • Users may be required to complete a quick offer before downloading, offers are available for all countries it only takes 2-3 mins. to complete.


Get Spotify premium accounts codes here


The main benefits of the Spotify Premium account are:

– No advertisements
– Much Better sound quality
–  store up to 3000+ tracks for listening off-line on a mobile device


Click the image and download the full list of Spotify Premium Accounts, Once you download the codes you will only need to log into your account in the membership section select the option to upgrade, type in your code. Now you have  your own full Spotify Premium account to listen unlimited songs and best of all ad free.

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